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Reiki, Reiki-ssage, Alternative Healing, Healer, Chicago, Skokie, Evanston, Fatigue, pain
Alternative Healing, Healer, Chicago, Skokie, Evanston, Health Improvement, Grief, breathwork
Spiritual Release

Patricia is truly one of my greatest gifts. By far, my work with her has been the most transformational for my personal growth and spiritual development. Her ability to facilitate getting me into my heart has helped me to achieve inner fulfillment and outer success.
N.M.   Tucson, AZ

Iíve been guided by Patricia for several years while going through some painful transitions in my life, and Iíve truly received soul-filled guidance from her. She assists me with loving compassion and isnít reluctant to disagree, pointing me in the direction that is ultimately for my highest good. Iíve shared Patriciaís empathic, telepathic soul-thinking with many friends.
L.T.   Culver City, CA

Patricia Heenan is an incredibly gifted and wise woman. Over decades she has helped me see the perfection in the major changes in my life. With her assistance, I have healed deep-rooted childhood trauma. I have cleared emotional blocks quickly because of Patriciaís insightfulness and effectiveness. She is awesome.
S.B.   Austin, TX

I have had the experience of Patricia masterfully entering into my Soul and facilitating healing on all levels with Divine love. Her dedication and empathy pours forth and inspires me to move through my process with amazing clarity and lasting freedom. I am grateful to know an angel among us.
K.D.   Los Angeles, CA

My session helped me release deep-seated fear and grief. Now I feel like I can trust myself more.
J.R.   Evanston, IL

Working with Patricia has been one of the most profound healing aspects of my life. With Patricia's spiritual & intuitive guidance, I healed myself of many physical and emotional ailments. She guided me through divorce, child custody, recovered memories, and severe fear patterns with loving devotion.
J.T.M.   Austin, TX

Patricia has been such a blessing in my life, and I truly look forward to our sessions knowing that she is totally committed to the highest good. During our sessions I consider all words and suggestions that she presents. I may not always see them with clarity initially, but life has a way of unfolding for me.
D.B.   Spencer, IA


Reiki-ssage helped the cramping in my legs to subside and increased my circulation. Now I donít wake up in the middle of the night.
I.M.   Morton Grove, IL

I felt very safe. I had a very powerful emotional release of grief, sorrow, and love. Then I felt energy being unblocked throughout my body, and my third eye opened.
J.S.   Evanston, IL

My Reiki-ssage treatment was the best bodywork Iíve had, better than massage.
E.H.   Austin, TX

Itís amazing that only after 20 minutes I felt such a change. It relieved my headache and released tension, bad thoughts, and clutter.
A.G.   Chicago, IL

I had a profoundly spiritual experience - felt surrounded by Divine Grace.
P.B.   Chicago, IL

I could feel the negative energy being released through various parts of my body.
L.V.   Chicago, IL

Patricia is a talented healer and uses her expertise with Reiki energy and aura healing techniques. After the treatment I felt rejuvenated and rested.
J.O.   Chicago, IL

Patricia has the hands, heart, and soul of real Love that conveys through her Reiki-ssage practice. She heals with compassion and sensitivity. Iíve been to a masseuse before, but she has the added benefit of being in touch with the spiritual level. She brought me to a higher octave of health. I will gladly go to her for years to come.
R.G.   Chicago, IL


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