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In her spiritual release work, Patricia uses Pre-cognitive Re-Education (PCRE) as an experiential process of clearing limiting beliefs, negativity, and emotional blocks from the conscious and subconscious minds. PCRE helps people who are ready to release unconscious beliefs and programs or "tapes" that have hindered their growth. It also guides those people who desire to create a more spiritual lifestyle. After releasing blocks with the PCRE process, many clients have reported a greater experience of personal security and happiness in their lives. Others report feeling greater purpose and passion on a daily basis.

Patricia uses her empathy and intuitiveness, along with prayer, to facilitate her client's healing. She senses retained emotion or blockage and serves as a catalyst for its release. Her gentleness provides a safe place in which her clients can learn, evolve, and transform.

In her healing practice, Patricia assists clients:
  • to release grief and losses
  • to shift energy, allowing negative energy to be transmuted into Light
  • to rid themselves of negative beliefs and childhood wounds
  • to release retained emotions of fear, anger, shame, hurt, judgment, sadness, pain, and misperceptions.
  • to take better care of themselves while building stronger boundaries in relationships
  • to honor and speak their truth in relationships
  • to clarify and pursue more fulfilling careers
  • to communicate with deceased relatives
  • to resolve past life traumas
  • to unlock their creativity
At the beginning of a session, Patricia takes inventory on issues from the clientís current life. She then brings the client back to childhood to re-experience the emotion behind the issue. At this point in the process, she incorporates prayer and breathwork to help the client release these energetic issues.

Examples of Tapes:
  • I punish myself by being unhappy.
  • No one will pay any attention to me if I am healthy.
  • Sexual attention from others is too scary.
  • I donít want to feel anything. Iíd rather be numb.
  • I can never measure up, no matter how hard I try.
  • Other peopleís needs are more important than mine.
  • I am only worthy to give, not to receive.
  • I donít want to be here. Itís too painful.
  • I donít deserve to be loved.
  • Money is not spiritual.
  • I am unwilling to be successful.

PCRE utilizes breathwork, meditation, relaxation techniques, visualizations, guided imagery, guided emotional release process, inner child process, stuck energy release process, powerful affirmations with affirmational release, and other energywork.

Pre-Cognitive Re-Education is designed for the purpose of spiritual awakening. Since this work is not considered psychotherapy, it is not recommended for people who feel psychologically unstable or for those who would be troubled by reexamining and releasing their past. Clients will assume full responsibility for their responses and reactions during and after sessions.

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