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Reiki-ssage® is the integration of Reiki energy balancing and touch therapy. This combination creates a whole system that gives the body the freedom to do its own healing. The treatment moves clients into the deepest state of relaxation to help them step out of life’s daily stresses. Once released into a state of ease, the body’s innate wisdom takes over, providing its own natural healing responses.

Though many of the Reiki-ssage techniques have a close relationship to massage, the difference lies in its magical quality of using energywork in combination with physical touch to penetrate beneath the surface of the client’s body. Different clients have different responses. Clients may experience sensations of static electricity or heat, even a magnetic pull. Others may feel cold surges or get chills. After treatments most clients report achieving deeper states of relaxation, less stress, and longer lasting results than they do after traditional massage.

To get therapeutic results, Reiki-ssage does not require the client’s removal of clothing or the use of body oils. A full-body treatment usually lasts one hour. Alternative, half-hour sessions focus only on the back, shoulders, and arms. The session involves hands-off energywork, Reiki hands-on positions on the chakras or energy centers, and soft tissue manipulation.

The description of a typical Reiki-ssage session:
  1. After the client arrives, the practitioner will ask the client about specific physical and emotional issues.
  2. While soothing meditative music is playing, the session begins with the client face down.
  3. Starting with some hands-off energywork, the practitioner then begins applying touch to the shoulders and down the body to the feet.
  4. She continues for 30 minutes by alternating between soft tissue manipulation and Reiki hand positions on the chakras.
  5. Then the client lays face up, and the practitioner resumes at the feet, working up the body to the client’s head.
  6. After doing hands-off energywork and Reiki on the forehead, she leaves the client alone for a few minutes to integrate the session.

Reiki energy balancing
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) energy balancing is a gentle hands-on technique for stress reduction and relaxation. A Reiki treatment is based on the teachings of Mako Usui, who practiced Reiki in the early twentieth century and inherited his teachings from great Eastern masters. The Reiki Master helps the client tap into a supply of "life force energy," which can improve their health and quality of life. This energywork treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind, and spirit, and results in feelings of peace, security, and well being.

Reiki is founded on the premise that the human form has a physical, an energetic, and a spirit body. For thousands of years, most cultures have believed that the human form is not just composed of a physical body alone. Reiki stimulates the natural ability of the body to self-correct and restore balance by adding more life force energy to the client’s system.

Reiki energy balancing is a natural and safe method of spiritual healing that works on ailments such as, poor circulation, joint pain, respiratory problems, sleep deprivation, hypertension, and other stress-related symptoms. A full-body treatment usually lasts one hour. The practitioner does thirty-three Reiki hands-on positions from head to toe, finishing with full body sweeps.

Reiki-Reflex incorporates concepts from Reiki and traditional Reflexology, which recognizes that the full body is mirrored in the hands and feet through reflex zones. By stimulating these reflex zones, the actual organ or gland is activated and can recover faster from its weakness, pain, or imbalanced state. Blending reflexology with Reiki results in a more gentle yet effective treatment.

A Reiki-Reflex treatment lasts one hour, focused entirely on the feet or on the hands.

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