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About Patricia


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Patricia is certified in the following healing practices:
  • Reiki-ssage® combines therapeutic touch with Reiki energy balancing and creates energetic responses resulting in bodily changes. This gentle alternative to massage therapy works directly with the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies for a holistic healing experience. Through deep relaxation, clients can release stressful energies for greater health and healing potential. The Reiki Council of Glen Ellyn invented Reiki-ssage, and its certification program entails 5 workshops, 150 practice hours, and an examination.

  • Reiki Energy Balancing’s hands-on healing utilizes universal life-force energy (Qi or Chi). As a vehicle for this energy, the Reiki Master transmits this energy down to the cellular level.

  • Reiki-Reflex® integrates traditional reflexology with energywork in a more evolved healing practice. It stimulates feet and hands reflex zones to activate organs and glands.

  • Pre-Cognitive Re-Education (PCRE), founded by Rick Moss, Ph.D., clears self-limiting beliefs and releases emotional blocks from the conscious and subconscious. This technique uses breathwork, affirmations, and meditation. Patricia prays with clients, asking God to dissolve negative thought patterns. She also helps clients resolve childhood traumas and fears, to experience loss of loved ones, and to clarify their life purpose. Clients report increased energy and feelings of greater peace and fulfillment after experiencing PCRE.

  • Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing (ARCH®) is a hands-on life force energy healing, sending all frequencies or rays of the rainbow into each of the client’s seven chakras. This amazing vibrational medicine alleviates imbalances in the emotional, physiological, mental, spiritual and unconscious levels.
Patricia Heenan’s healing practice spans more than 15 years through in-person treatments, as well as phone consultations. While living in Austin, Texas, she gained recognition as an accomplished Reiki Master and a Pre-Cognitive Re-Educator. Since 2001, Patricia has treated clients in her Evanston home studio, which is a safe, nurturing environment enhanced by soothing music and beautiful plants.

After receiving a M.A. from Tulane University, she served as Director of the German Dept. at Southwestern University, language professor at the University of Texas, and the Enrollment Director of Insight Transformational Seminars in Austin.

As a result of her own life challenges, Patricia’s passion for healing others is exemplified by her ongoing educational quest. Her knowledge and experience in alternative healing methods continues through workshops, seminars, educational retreats, and additional certifications in specialized areas.

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